Mentors & Partners

Support whenever you need it

The leadmentors of the programme will guide you during the whole programme. They will measure progress weekly and help you when needed. At the beginning of the programme there will be a matching between startups and mentors.


Joris de Leeuw I have a background in the tangible world of architecture but now I’am also applying my skills and knowledge in the virtual world of digital applications. As co-founder of startup Wander I participated in the very first Startup In Residence Program, developing the app Wyzer as a way to support crowd management in Amsterdam.

Tom Hallowes I work hard at getting under the skin of new companies so they can quickly realise their potential, what the market has to offer and how they can grow both nationally and internationally. I work hard at making sure the internal dynamic is right from the startup of the business through to succession.

Toon Branbergen Building and coaching the best teams to launch awesome innovative products & services that stand out in the market!

Knowledge & Expertise