SAM Application


Reduce loneliness, increase happiness

SAM Application is a social network app that facilitates meaningful social contact among young adults.

Do what you like most, with people you like, where and whenever you want to. For example, visit a concert together, go for a run together, or join someone for a study session.

Furthermore, we invite other social initiatives and projects to join our platform. Why? Only together, we can maximise our social impact.

SAM is an app made by people like you and me.


Elena Köstler & Hadrian De Oliveira






Future proof careers

App4Talent allows users to capture and establish their skills by means of videos and pictures which can be uploaded onto the application platform. Attendants have access to a web version where they can monitor the users’ progress in real-time. Thus they are able to always see how the users are progressing as well as the skills they have acquired in the meantime. Attendants can also prepare assignments and evaluate the users’ performance. In this way, the users can put up their own digital portfolio. The portfolios are linked to the users’ profile where all their qualifications are summarized. Based upon the users’ personal profile he or she can be matched to conforming tasks within various sectors.


Jeftha Hempel



Smart school choice

Helpr is specialized in creating chatbots that interact with adolescents. At this moment we are creating chatbots that can answer simple questions from students about several courses, such as Physics. Our chatbots are trained to be didactic, so they will not only provide answers to students’ questions but they will challenge students to learn more, learn better and more efficient. Moreover, the chatbot will test them to see if they have reached the right level of knowledge.

 We want to use his technique to help children choose the right study. With the municipality of Diemen, we want to explore if online communication with an advanced chatbot can help students to make better decisions about further education. In this process we will have the chatbot consider the prospects of which jobs will be available in the future, so students can make an educated choice, combining their own interests and future job availability.

 Our team is a great mix of tech, programming, learning (analytics) and entrepreneurship!


Erik Methorst, Remy Reurling & Jaap Koelewijn




Vibrant city squares

VOUW is a design innovation studio based in Amsterdam. VOUW is developing physical installations to get people off their phone to increase connections.

Research shows that smartphones increase loneliness, as meeting with friends physically is less and less necessary. This is true especially for teens, but the trend is seen within every age group.

To get people to interact more, VOUW is developing Chairwave. This is a row of chairs in the public space that ‘forces’ people to sit next to each other. People can only sit on the chairs next to where someone else is sitting. Combining data and design, Chairwave is a social experiment aiming to create more conversations amongst different people.


Justus Bruns & Mingus Vogel




Save our houses!

Woodenbases makes homes healthier, and safer to live in. We do so by providing buildings with periodic health data, with the help of Internet Of Things devices.

Our Internet of things solutions helps customers identify problems soon as they emerge, thus reducing the cost of repair and increasing the value of homes.

Sruthi Vegesna, Sowjanya Putrevu, Bhargav Sarvepalli, Vijay Indukuri & Ajay Indukuri







Connect government to entrepreneurs

Glue aims to create the most user-friendly way to access instant public information resources for entrepreneurs. It is evident that lack of knowledge is not the problem, but presenting it in such a way that the user who seeks advice finds it easily and understands it quickly, proves to be much more challenging.


Diederik van den Burger, Menno Steenvoorden, Sebastian Mulders & Mike Rijkers


Get Chef’s

The wildcard

Get Chef’s as food waste pioneers create smart Fair Food Ordering solutions to reduce food waste and make our food system more equitable in the process. Our latest award-winning application helps municipalities and corporates reduce the 31.6% food waste at organized lunch meetings by reducing no-show, personalisation and nudging techniques.

Our food system produces 1/2 of all man-made greenhouse gasses, it’s is broken and needs to be fixed. Over 1/3 of all of the world’s food resources are wasted annually, generating 8% of greenhouse gasses alone. strives towards a more equitable food system, starting at preventing food waste at organized lunch meetings.

Bruce Westeneng & Sander Epema