Connect government to entrepreneurs – CLOSED



Municipalities offer many services to entrepreneurs and businesses, such as information about zoning plans, locations, assistance with subsidies and permits etc. Municipalities are now seeking a way to provide a single point of access to these services for entrepreneurs.

This gives rise to the question: do we have the right tools to reach entrepreneurs? Instead of only reactively providing information, we also wish to do so pro-actively. The municipalities are seeking a solution that keeps them in continuous contact with entrepreneurs and matches the pace of their developments. From experience, it is very difficult to reach smaller businesses in particular. However, there is also a need to improve the quality of service towards corporates. Both small businesses and corporates experience problems such as: fragmented information, a slow response time and lack of clarity regarding the service process.

The Challenge:

Find a smart Solution for interactive services to entrepreneurs and corporates.


  • the Solution must interface with the services of partners (Chamber of Commerce, Innovation Fund for SMEs (Programma Investeringsgereed Innovatief MKB, PIM) etc);
  • the Solution must be adaptable to each municipality.


Issued by: the municipalities of  Haarlem, Zaanstad, Purmerend and Almere.