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The labour market in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is moving faster than ever before. Important factors behind this are the economic growth, technological changes and major societal ambitions confronting the AMA, such as the energy transition, transport challenges, housing goals and the rapidly growing demand for care for the elderly.

At the same time, there is a growing mismatch between the demand from employers and the skills of the workforce whose schooling has not exceeded secondary education.

Lifelong development

Especially people educated at secondary level only, should keep up their individual development and learn new skills before it is too late. This will make them better prepared for changes in the labour market and enable them to work longer. Moreover, given the current scarcity in the labour market, employers need to be more interested in the skills people have, and less focused on qualifications. This is why we believe the labour market needs to be transformed into a more skills-oriented labour market.

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The Challenge:

How can we ensure that in the short term, more workers in the AMA with no higher than secondary education continue their development and take control of their own careers in order to stay future-proof?


  • the Solution must be in Dutch (for non-Dutch startups this could mean that you need to translate your Solution);
  • the Solution must focus primarily on people living in the AMA with no higher than secondary education;
  • the Solution must focus mainly on people aged 20 to 65 years;
  • the Solution must trigger a new awareness and change of behaviour in these people.


Issued by: City of Amsterdam.