Smart school choice – CLOSED



Ever since the days of the craft guilds, there has always been a mismatch in the labour market. There is a mismatch between supply and demand, in particular for the future occupations of students at vocational training (MBO) institutes. For example, many MBO students choose a media study programme. However, the number of media students is growing faster than the number of jobs in this sector. At the same time, the interest among MBO students for a technical specialisation is declining, despite the growing demand for skilled technical personnel.

In some sectors there is already a shortage of skilled labour, and in certain other domains, drastic consequences can be expected in future. This makes it essential for students to consciously make a better informed decision as to their vocational study programme, especially in times of economic downturn. Moreover, large groups of parents are simply not equipped to support their offspring in this vital process. The goal of this Challenge is therefore to reduce the mismatch on the labour market, and support students, their parents and their teachers in the process of choosing a vocational study programme. The data from the UWV site gives an insight into the current and future demand for labour and forms the basis for this Challenge.


The Challenge:

Invent an innovative way to support kids between the age of eleven and sixteen  years  old(at either VMBO or MBO level) in the process of choosing a vocational study programme.



  • the Solution must be intended for kids, parents and teachers;
  • the Solution must be in Dutch (for non-Dutch startups this could mean that you need to translate your Solution);
  • the Solution must use data sources that are formulated in the background;
  • the Solution must be adaptive and easily adjusted to new labour market trends and data.

Issued by: the municipalities of Diemen, Haarlemmermeer, Lelystad, Velsen, Purmerend and Amsterdam.