Collect commercial waste over water – closed



Because commercial waste collection operates in a free market, businesses are free to contract a collector/processor of their choice. As a result, there are multiple collectors in the city all picking up the same kind of waste, and this leads to traffic congestion. The collectors also use heavy lorries, which puts a strain on public space and canal walls. The level of waste sorting is also disappointing. The municipality is investigating possibilities to improve waste collection, cutting the number of heavy lorries and journeys made, and increasing the amount of waste that is sorted. One of the possibilities is to collect and process waste using small electric vehicles, then transfer it to barges for transportation via the waterways.


The Challenge:

Develop a smart solution for waste collection using the waterways for transportation



  • The proposal should use clean, quiet transport.
  • The proposal should comprise a business case and a service offered to businesses.
  • The proposal should include a monitoring system.
  • The solution should make it possible for businesses to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste as effectively and easily as possible without putting an unnecessary burden on public space.
  • The Nine Streets area is excluded.


Issued by: Afval en Grondstoffen