Construction materials – closed

It is estimated that 40% of raw material streams in Amsterdam are related to building and demolition. In 2015, parties in the construction chain signed a national green deal with the City of Amsterdam to make this a circular flow. The entire chain committed to the agreement: from financiers, developers and builders to removal companies. In the green deal, partners agreed to establish projects around demolition, renovation and new construction, in which discarded building materials are recycled locally.

The Issue:
Design a solution, tool or system to make locally recycling discarded building materials in the city simple and thus improve current performance in this area. Provide an insight into discarded building material streams, thus creating additional job opportunities where possible.

Specific criteria the Start-up should take into account in preparing its bid:

  • Retain the value of the building materials as far as possible
  • Manage raw material streams in recycling circles (feedback loops)
  • Create synergy between builders and demolition companies / recycle instead of down-cycle / develop methods for recycling building materials / complete the circle through the sale of discarded materials as building materials
  • Ensure bonus-malus stimuli, ensure crossovers in innovation (what you seek has already been developed elsewhere)
  • Bring about a substantial reduction in transport kilometres through reduction in the supply loop of building materials and materials discarded via demolition and create a system to monitor this type of transport.