Corporate Social Responsibility – closed

Many companies want to contribute to the development of the city, but find it difficult to assess where demand is highest. Meanwhile, there are plenty of social institutions that require support (for example, sponsorship/assistance) in whatever form.

These parties could be brought together via a platform where businesses offer their services, time and products, and institutions present their projects, sponsorship requests, queries and needs.

The issue:
Develop an English language platform that brings together supply and demand from the (international) business community and social institutions in a simple and creative manner (corporate social responsibility).

Specific criteria that the Start-up should take into account in devising its bid:

  • Use of I amsterdam house style
  • The tender application should illustrate how the partnership with (social, cultural, scientific) stakeholders is designed to ensure information is as complete as possible
  • The application should indicate how the solution would be positioned in the market in such a way that it is embraced by the Amsterdam business community