Energise Amsterdam! – closed



Sports and exercise are important contributors to health and personal development. Amsterdam offers countless opportunities for people to engage in sports, organised by various clubs and organisations throughout the city. The City has a role in disseminating information about the range of sports opportunities and sports facilities available. We want to let people know what’s out there, and encourage them to take part.

At present, both residents and professionals lack a clear overview of the sports offer and infrastructure in Amsterdam. The relevant information is spread across various locations, at the local government level but also at sports providers. As a result, many residents do not receive the information in time or at all, and so do not get exposure to the places where they might be motivated to engage in sports. This makes getting involved in sport and becoming physically active even harder.

We often get questions/comments like:

  • My daughter is 9 years old and enjoys ball sports, where can I take her?
  • I am a 42-year-old male, looking for casual sports activities in the neighbourhood.
  • Me and a group of friends want to rent a gymnastics hall to do sports together, where can we do so?
  • I want to do boot camp training with a group of people in a park, where should we go?
  • Family doctors and physical education teachers also come to us with questions about facilities.

Due to a lack of overview of the activities and sports facilities on offer, these questions often send us off on a quest for answers ourselves.


The challenge

Find an innovative way to inform and motivate people to get physically active, using Amsterdam sports activities and facilities.



  • This issue applies to several locations, if not to the whole of Amsterdam. The City wants to start a pilot project in the city district of Nieuw-West (Slotervaart area);
  • The target group consists of all Amsterdam residents (children, parents, adults and senior citizens) with the desire to engage in physical exercise;
  • We want to offer an overview of the offer by the City, as well as that of other parties.


Issued by: RVE Sport & Stadsdeel Nieuw-West