Food from the hood – closed



A food transition is as much needed as an energy transition. A system based on nutritious, sustainable, delicious and affordable products is crucial for a healthy and sustainable city. Much of our food nowadays is shipped in from all parts of the world and often produced with huge negative impact on the ecosystems there. Almost every meal we eat is the result of many thousands of food kilometres travelled. At the same time the direct surroundings of Amsterdam – let’s say everything within a radius of 50 kilometres – produces plenty of agricultural produce, most of which is exported. In the city there are a lot of consumers, not just households, but also employees and patients in hospitals and nursing houses, that are willing to eat local, nutritious products and the region of Amsterdam has a lot of agricultural producers, but they are not well connected. That’s why the amount of local produce on our plates is still limited.


The Challenge

Find an innovative solution that brings local food producers closer to Amsterdam consumers



  • Include consideration of the distribution of products and financial aspects.
  • Involving Amsterdam residents and agricultural producers in Amsterdam region is paramount.
  • Take into account the following aspects: consumers’ convenience and producers’ scale and risk management.


Issued by: Ruimte en Duurzaamheid