Green up our car parks! – closed



Amsterdam has big sustainability ambitions: CO2 emissions will be cut, the city centre will become a low-traffic zone and the number of on-street parking spaces will be reduced. As a municipal organisation, we want to set a good example. The City of Amsterdam encourages its own staff to come to work on public transport, by bike or on foot. Various municipal buildings have garages with parking spaces, which are currently used for a mix of municipal vehicles, cars for official journeys and cars for commuting. There is often also space for bicycle parking.

Because of our efforts to set a good example by cutting our car use, the parking garages under municipal buildings will be left partly or completely empty. The City of Amsterdam is, therefore, looking to put this space to good use. What’s more, by finding a new use for car parks, we at the Facilities Office aim to encourage our own organisation to do away with parking spaces.


The Challenge:

Come up with an innovative solution to use the municipal car parks for more sustainable purposes



  • You can look for a solution either within the organisation or externally.
  • The level of safety and security at municipal buildings must be maintained.
  • The solution mustn’t lead to higher costs for the City of Amsterdam.
  • Any doors in the space must remain freely accessible.
  • Weesperstraat 113 can be used as a test location. In the parking garage, approximately 465 square metres (18 parking spaces) can be made available.


Issued by: Facilitair Bureau en de Green Office Amsterdam