Heat for later – closed



The City of Amsterdam invites startups to re-think how we produce, distribute and use energy. Fossil fuels are the biggest cause of climate change and are still our primary source of energy. The world’s cities emit 70% of the world’s carbon dioxide – and that figure is probably even higher when consumption emissions are included. We need to end our reliance on fossil fuels, while also ending energy poverty by providing access to reliable and affordable energy to everyone. To achieve this, we need to generate more clean, green energy, meaning renewable, passive or kinetic energy – or anything but fossil fuels. We will also need to use energy more wisely: more efficiently, and with less waste. We have to think differently about how we source our energy and how we use it.

Each year, Amsterdam is getting hotter in the summers and some may even call it an ‘urban heat island’. This excess heat from the summer can be used as a green energy source. Capturing this heat and storing it for the winter can help cut off natural gas. Doing so can even serve as a way to cool down the city in a more sustainable way. Hence, the City of Amsterdam is interested in innovative interventions, products, systems or services that can capture or utilise heat locally, while also lowering temperatures.


The Challenge:

Find an innovative solution to capture or utilise heat locally (for example, from surface water, air, soil or bricks)



  • Come up with a way to match the heat surplus in the summers with the heat demand in the winters. We are looking for solutions that on the one hand contribute to using more local sustainable energy, and on the other hand, serve as a smart way to limit excess heat.
  • In your clean energy solution, involve at least one of the following aspects: energy generation, saving, storage, infrastructure, management and sharing, applications.


Issued by: Ruimte en Duurzaamheid, Amsterdam Metropolitan Area & Chief Technology Office