Improve the Rembrandtplein – Closed

Every weekend night, the Rembrandtplein welcomes a huge amount of foreign tourists, Dutch visitors and local residents. Bars and clubs are open until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. Along with the fun of dancing and drinking comes an unfortunate negative side. Although almost all of the 15,000–18,000 people who go out behave appropriately, some do cause trouble, often due to alcohol abuse. This ‘trouble’ varies: shouting and waking up local residents, urinating against houses, littering and violence.

The Mayor of Amsterdam has designated the Rembrandtplein as a pilot area. Over a period of three years (2015 until July 2018) the municipality, police and bars and clubs of the square will try to minimise nuisances and violence. Not in the ‘old’ way of adding more (municipal) police, but by changing the way the square is experienced. Hosts welcome people and inform them where to go, house rules are communicated, and the personnel of bars and clubs are trained in hospitality and dealing with drunk guests. In addition, experiments will be conducted during this three-year period in order to influence people’s behaviour. For example, the intensity of the public lights is minimised, the square is cleaned more frequently, biking on the square is forbidden on weekend nights and crowd management processes are under improvement. There is room for more experimentation and innovation that help achieve the goals of the project: fewer nuisances and less violence.

The issue:
Find an innovative way to diminish nuisances and violence in the Rembrandtplein area, where many people go out every weekend.

Specific criteria that the startup should take into account in devising its bid:

  • Proof of effect: thorough monitoring of the effects is key (for scalability);
  • A positive plan, not repressive but stimulating or at least neutral by improving processes (e.g. wayfinding, crowd management and behaviour).

Issued by: Programma Rembrandtplein