Increase young adult participation in health studies – Closed

Many studies on the health among different age and ethnic groups are carried out in the City by the GGD Amsterdam. The GGD Amsterdam has struggled to reach certain groups for these studies; for example, the GGD Amsterdam’s 2012 monitor had a response rate of only 26% for 19-to-34-year-olds.

The situation is even worse among ethnic minority groups. A high response rate is vital for the reliability and validity of health studies. As young adults are not likely to respond to postal mail, it is assumed that this group is unaware of health studies and other information the GGD provides. It is essential for the GGD Amsterdam to increase the participation of particular groups to find out what their health statuses and perceptions on health are. Therefore, new ways of gathering information must be created. In this context, information can be gathered directly, such as by asking questions, or indirectly, by observation or combining various sources of information.

The information the GGD requires can be of an urgent and a non-urgent nature. For example, urgent issues are ‘impure drugs’ and where and who is at risk, or ‘infectious diseases’ and their early discovery and ‘source’. Less urgent are questions to people about their drug use in the previous weekend; their awareness of health messages throughout the city; whether they are willing to answer questions for a health survey (and if not, why); and when they last visited a general practitioner and with which complaint.

The issue:
Create a system to increase the representation of young adults of all groups in health studies, and gather specific information of both an urgent and a non-urgent nature from these groups.

Specific criteria that the startup should take into account in devising its bid:

  • Working knowledge of social media and an understanding of communicating online;
  • The proposal needs to give information on how to ascertain the validity, reliability and completeness of information gathered, when relevant;
  • Ability to create an attractive method to entice people into answering health questions and gain relevant information for the GGD.

Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria/competencies to be met by employee(s) of the startup in order to bid on this issue, evidenced in the bid by means of a reference:

  • Experienced in data gathering from social media ;
  • Good understanding of the Dutch language.

Issued by: GGD