Make Amsterdam breathe again – closed


Amsterdam is an attractive city where people enjoy living, working and holidaying. The City is dedicated to continually improving the quality of life in Amsterdam, and much effort is put into ensuring clean and healthy air for the city’s residents and visitors.

Efforts to make the air quality compliant with EU standards for nitrogen and fine particles are successful in a large part of the city. The City is developing various measures to improve air quality, and these are having an effect. Yet in some areas of the city, particularly in the south and the centre, the air quality continues to fall short of the EU standard for nitrogen (other air quality standards are met), due to the traffic conditions in those areas. Innovative solutions are therefore sought to help improve the air quality at these heavily affected locations.


Current environmental bottlenecks are:


The challenge

Develop an innovative solution to improve the air quality in Amsterdam by reducing nitrogen emissions.



  • The solution must be able to be applied to one or more of the identified bottleneck locations;
  • The effect of the solution should be measurable and should succeed in reducing local nitrogen levels by 10%;
  • It is important for the solution to be supported by surrounding residents and businesses;
  • The solution should be applicable in other locations and scalable for the whole city.

Issued by: Programma Luchtkwaliteit