Methodologies and apps for data analysis – closed

The City of Amsterdam seeks to organise its activities increasingly on the basis of thorough data analysis. An efficient data-driven organisation requires both methodologies and applications that make it easy for the City’s employees to engage in issues that are important to them and to the residents of the city.
Specifically, the City of Amsterdam’s Housing Department is actively seeking innovators and pioneers from around the world to assist in providing a greater and better insight into the latest developments in Amsterdam’s housing market.

The Issue: Design different data analysis methodologies that can be applied immediately in the analysis of subjects of interest to the department. Gather public City of Amsterdam sources and link these to online data sources for innovative new insights. Build an advanced ‘wayback machine’ and a secure cloud system for secure information sharing between organisations and departments.

Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria to be met by employee(s) of the Start-up in order to bid on this issue, evidenced in the bid by means of a reference:

  • Familiarity with Oracle databases
  • Demonstrable experience with programming languages (eg: Python, PHP, HTML5, D3.js)
  • Demonstrable experience of linking and building APIs
  • Proven experience of relational databases and NoSQL