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The Public Health Service of Amsterdam works to reduce obesity and aims to help all the children of Amsterdam achieve a healthy weight by 2033 through initiatives such as the Amsterdamse Aanpak Gezond Gewicht (‘Amsterdam Initiative for a Healthy Weight’, AAGG). The establishment of the Sarphati Institute (founded in 2015) forms part of the City of Amsterdam’s effort in this regard.

The Public Health Service of Amsterdam, part of the City of Amsterdam, is a Sarphati Institute partner and has the task of shaping the institute. The Sarphati Institute aspires to become the premier independent research and knowledge institute in the field of obesity in the Netherlands, through which Amsterdam residents have direct access, ideally 24/7, to reliable information about nutrition and health/a healthy lifestyle.
In August 2016, the Sarphati Institute will commence a collaborative study of all the children of Amsterdam. The research will consist largely of short questionnaires.
Given the study’s long lead-time, is it necessary to achieve optimal long-term participation. The focus on facilitating engagement will be geared mainly toward the parents of under-5s. The study will track the children until they turn 18 years of age.

The Issue:
How do we achieve the highest possible level of participation and engagement of parents in the study? How do we keep the parents (and later, the children themselves) continually motivated to participate in the collaborative study?

Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria/competencies to be met by employee(s) of the Start-up in order to bid on this issue, evidenced in the bid by means of a reference:

  • Expertise in marketing, branding, communications, social media etc
  • Experience in (the development of) webcare
  • Expertise in the field of (big) data
  • Knowledge and experience of web portals, apps, serious games (technology and design)
     Experience of user/client research

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