Public Space Report – closed

The city has seven districts, each with its own executive organisation for public spaces. The central administration also controls a large proportion of those public spaces. The aim is to pick up and process reports regarding public spaces as efficiently as possible, so that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Residents of the city can make a valuable contribution in terms of reporting and/or suggesting solutions. In addition, there is a requirement to combine all reports by the public with reports by the City of Amsterdam itself, and to pass these on to the appropriate executive organisation.

The Issue: Redesign the reporting system for public spaces from scratch. Consider technical solutions as well as behavioural change.

Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria to be met by the Start-up in order to bid on this issue:
An understanding of the concept of ‘nudging’ and the ability to integrate this into the tasks carried out by the local authority.

  • Evidence of familiarity with and a highly innovative approach to the intersection of technology and behaviour (and behavioural processes)
  • The ability to use technology to seduce and to increase employee empowerment.

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