Responsive and engaging city – closed



Amsterdam is permanently changing, and its residents, visitors and businesses continually send out signals about the city to the municipal authorities. These signals can pertain to the cleanliness or state of repair of public space – for instance litter or malfunctioning street lights – or to the safety and liveability of the city – for instance complaints about noise nuisance or feeling unsafe in a bicycle tunnel. Signals that are not appropriate for the 112 emergency line, or that cannot be directed to a specific authority, could be channelled more effectively than at present.

The City is developing a smart infrastructure that makes it easier to report such issues to the municipal authorities via various channels (website, apps, telephone), enabling us to respond/solve/prevent/predict such signals more adequately. In 2016 we received around 160,000 signals, which is 40% more than in 2015. This number is expected to keep rising rapidly. The eyes and ears of the city are our residents, visitors, businesses (and of course municipal employees), who are increasingly willing to send such signals.

Our ambition is to become ever more responsive to signals pertaining to a safe, clean and liveable city. We can achieve this by further developing an accessible system to report signals to us, and by focusing more on new information sources that can offer more insight into the condition of the city. This will also help us to prevent the need for signals (because we will already have the relevant information).


The challenge

Find an innovative solution to help Amsterdam become a more responsive and engaging city.



  • The startup should preferably incorporate technology and data in its solution.


Issued by: CTO Innovatieteam