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As part of its sustainability agenda, the City has set Amsterdam the goal of reaching a waste separation rate of 65% in the year 2020. This rate applies to the whole city, for both citizens and businesses.

The sustainability agenda also states that the City will lead by example in its own operational management, reaching a waste separation rate of 75% in 2020.

Preventing waste, recycling and increasing sustainability in the logistical process will contribute significantly to reaching the goal of 75%.

The challenge

Increase the waste separation rate and encourage the re-use of materials by the City.



  • The solution must be sustainable and must contribute to the City’s goal of reaching a waste separation percentage of at least 75% in 2020 for the total amount of its internal waste flows;
  • The solution should trigger an acceleration in the separated waste collection/circular approach to waste flow management;
  • The separation rate can be applicable to every form of waste processing;
  • The entire chain of supply, use and disposal of goods and waste can be considered, including for instance:
    • the daily waste produced by municipal employees;
    • the flow of waste produced by the facility management department;
    • circular furniture;
    • construction waste, etc.;
  • The rate is determined by the number of kilos per waste flow;
  • The solution should focus on the separation percentage of the City, but also be possible to scale up for use by other municipalities.

Issued by: Facilitair Bureau

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