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The City of Amsterdam wants to set a good example to the city by being a sustainable municipal organisation. The Green Office Amsterdam (GOA) is the City of Amsterdam’s sustainability platform with the aim of catalysing sustainability within the municipal organisation by initiating and coordinating projects and bringing people in contact with one another. The office also informs the City of Amsterdam’s municipal staff about sustainability and encourages them to implement more sustainability in their own areas of work. The GOA’s approach is based on four key activities: catalysing, informing, connecting and activating.

Within the organisation, there is a lot happening in the field of sustainability, but it’s still too fragmented and uncoordinated. We’re looking for a solution that contributes to raising awareness among municipal employees, accelerating the transition, increasing knowledge and competencies and connecting the various projects in the field of sustainability.


The Challenge:

Come up with an innovative solution to make the municipal organisation more sustainable



  • The solution should help raise awareness among municipal staff, accelerate the transition, boost knowledge and competencies and link up the various projects in the field of sustainability.
  • It’s possible just to tackle one aspect of the issue.
  • Competitions between teams and departments are an option.


Issued by: Green Office Amsterdam / Facilitair Bureau


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