Target Group Transport – closed

Target group transport is aimed at people who cannot travel on regular public transport, or are incapable of using other transport independently. It includes public transport for school children with disabilities and supplementary public transport. All this transport takes place by means of taxis and minibuses with drivers and is provided by a number of contracted transporters. The City is responsible for the target group transport, both financially and from a policy perspective.

It would be a great improvement for the users of both transport arrangements if information about the location of the user (clients/pupils) were available in real time. Too often, parents are (needlessly) concerned, because their child is dropped off too late or at the wrong address. It would also prevent scenarios in which a call is placed to the nursing home to check whether grandma has been picked up for a visit to her daughter. This service would benefit approximately 45,000 users of target group transport.

The Issue:
Develop a suitable, client-friendly product for informal carers, family and others, that will make information about the location of the user of target group transport available in real time.

Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria to be met by the Start-up in order to bid on this issue:

  • A good command of the Dutch language is required for direct contact with the user group.

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