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The Balans in de Stad (‘city in balance’) programme seeks to achieve a new balance between growth and quality of life. The key objective is to ensure Amsterdam remains attractive to all, and in particular to residents. The city can grow and develop through dispersal of visitors, the promotion of neighbourhoods outside the centre and the creation of new urban environments throughout the entire region.

The Issue:
How do we ensure that Dutch visitors and Amsterdam residents make greater use of the whole city and region, disperse more and thus stimulate other routes and neighbourhoods?

Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria to be met by the Start-up in order to bid on this issue:

  • A good command of Dutch (passive and active) and English.
    Specific supplementary (suitability) criteria/competencies to be met by employee(s) of the Start-up in order to bid on this issue, evidenced in the bid by means of a reference:
  • Experience of programming for potential development of apps
  • Experience of linking different data sources (GIS data, tourism data, etc)

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