Traffic flows on waterways – Closed

An increasing number of people use the canals to take a boat trip, to hire a boat, to sail their own boat or just to watch the activity on the water from an outdoor café. The municipality is responsible for everyone’s safe and smooth passage on the canals, also during peak times. The municipality currently has a monopoly on regulating smooth passage and safe sailing. We regulate this through a combination of enforcement and targeted services on the canals.

We have observed that on peak days and with pleasant weather during the sailing season, certain parts of the City experience congestion, unsafe situations and nuisances. The question is how to make our services and enforcement in this field more effective and efficient. One option would be to use new technology to regulate water traffic and available space on the water more effectively and more intelligently. Another option would be to enable canal users themselves to contribute more to a smooth passage and safe sailing, preferably without constant interference by the municipality.

The issue:
Develop a tool to enable canal users to contribute to a smooth passage and safe sailing, even at peak times.
Consider, for example, a service that contributes to more pleasurable sailing, a smarter organisation of the flow of traffic, or ‘social’ innovations in enforcement.

Specific criteria that the startup should take into account in devising its bid:

  • Ensure the solution brings about an accelerated increase in the effectiveness of our enforcement or the smooth passage of boats on the canals;
  • Ensure that your solution contributes or adds value to the existing instruments of the City, such as the Vaarwater app and TNO Traffic Model;
  • Provide insight into the roles of partners and users in conjunction with enforcers of the City.

Issued by: Waternet

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