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As a growing city, Amsterdam is permanently under development with a lot of construction-related traffic. In the coming years 50,000 dwellings and a large number of office buildings will be built, for instance at Oosterdokskade with a floor surface of almost 60,000m2 (under the Programme Koers 2025). This construction work will largely be performed inside the city and will inevitably affect the current residents and users of the areas concerned.

The outlined situation will result in even more construction-related traffic. Such traffic can be a major nuisance, certainly when several construction projects are carried out within a limited area simultaneously. In such circumstances, communicating and coordinating with the local population is essential to keeping the city safe and liveable. This communication should not be unilateral but must seek to interact with the local population. Such communication takes various forms, from merely notifying to intensive co-creation.


The challenge

Develop an innovative tool to monitor the nuisance caused by construction-related traffic, and which can serve as an interactive communication tool with the local population.



  • Good command of the Dutch language (by at least one member of the Startup)is required (in order to establish contact with the local population);
  • The solution should be user-friendly and available to all stakeholders (the local population, the builders and municipal employees);
  • The solution should be of added value for all stakeholders concerned.

Issued by: Uitvoeringsagenda Stedelijke Logistiek Amsterdam (USLA)