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According to current planning, the ‘Noord-Zuid lijn’ will commence service by mid-2018. Two important metro stations are Vijzelgracht station (‘Rijksmuseum’ stop) and Ferdinand Bolstraat station (‘Albert Cuyp’ stop). It is anticipated that visitors for the Museum Quarter and De Pijp will come from these stations. The municipality wants these visitors to use the routes that are intended for them, meaning the streets that are sufficiently equipped with facilities for visitors (shops/catering outlets). This includes streets such as the Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat, Ferdinand Bolstraat, Albert Cuypstraat, Honthorststraat and Ceintuurbaan/Roelof Hartstraat/Van Baerlestraat. We wish to avoid visitors using residential streets around the Weteringcircuit or in De Pijp and the Museum Quarter, as this causes nuisances for residents.

The issue:
Create an intelligent application/solution so that visitors adapt their behaviour and/or plan their routes from the metro stations and other public transport hubs in such a way that they use the routes designated for foot traffic.
The ‘Noord-Zuid’ metro stations on the Vijzelgracht and Ceintuurbaan, which border the Museum Quarter and De Pijp, will serve as pilot projects.

Specific criteria that the startup should take into account in devising its bid:

  • The application fits in with activities already undertaken by the municipality/city district with regard to wayfinding;
  • The application/solution must be usable for both domestic and foreign visitors;
  • Local businesses should be included in the development of the application/solution. This can take place through business owner associations (contact information is available from the area teams);
  • The startup’s solution must (research and) fulfil the wishes and the interests of the municipality, residents, business owners and visitors.

Issues by: Stadsdeel Zuid, Verkeer en Openbare Ruimte

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