Always up-to-date skills centre offering

Primary Challenge Owner: Graafschapcollege

Secondary Challenge Owner(s): none


The Skills Centre is a place where students, staff and external parties can attend workshops and follow trainings in the area of soft-skills and broad-based skills (services). Currently, the Skills Centre’s offer is determined by its employees.

Since the initiatives to provide the content comes from a small group of people (de skills center team), the needs from students, employees and external parties are not completely met. Therefore there are still opportunities that the Skills Centre can address. The Skills Centre wants to gain insight into the wishes of students, staff and external parties without having to question them every quarter in order to have the services align the supply and demand better with potential customers’ wishes.

The challenge

Develop a solution that allows the Skills Centre to efficiently tailor its service offerings to internal and external users’ needs on an ongoing basis.


  • We are not looking for a survey. The tool must provide insight based on available (public) data.
  • We are not looking for a one-time research question but for an ongoing analysis/connection to the market.
  • The solution must be able to be carried out in Dutch.


Do you have a possible solution for this challenge? Great! You can apply here. Fill in your email address to get full access to the documents and the application page. Applications will be accepted from April 4th until May 24th 2023.