Connecting students with innovative ideas

Primary Challenge Owner: HAN University of Applied Sciences
Secondary Challenge Owner(s): none


One of the HAN’s strategic goals is to establish sustainable, long-lasting connections with and for our students and our environment. This has been named ‘learning, working and researching together in the triangle’. These are partnerships in which education (students and lecturers), research (researchers) and the professional field (companies and institutions) learn, work and perform research together with the aim of jointly developing and sharing knowledge.

Within the HAN, there are many students with ideas to make an impact for which they would like to start their own company. However, in many cases, it remains only an idea because the student lacks the connections with the right knowledge, expertise, networks or other students with the additional necessary skills. Therefore, we would like to use technology to connect ‘the triangle’ with these students, so that they have access to the right knowledge, expertise and networks. In addition, we would like to bring these enthusiastic students into contact with other entrepreneurial students, so they can bring each other further and form multidisciplinary teams.

The challenge:

Develop a solution that connects students with an innovative idea to the available knowledge, expertise and networks within the institution and brings them into contact with other entrepreneurial students so that multidisciplinary teams can be formed.


  • The solution must be scalable within the institution
  • Transferability to other systems must be possible in order to guarantee digital sustainability.
  • The system uses open standards and takes inclusiveness into account according to WCAG 2.1 / EN 301 549 v2.1.2 (2018-08) guidelines.
  • It is an advantage if the party that offers the solution has demonstrated experience with techniques such as low code, blockchain, learning analytics (AI), graph databases, and UX Design.


Do you have a possible solution for this challenge? Great! You can apply here. Fill in your email address to get full access to the documents and the application page. Applications will be accepted from April 4th until May 24th 2023.