InPractise: expansion and retention of professional knowledge and skills

Primary Challenge Owner: Hogeschool Utrecht
Secondary Challenge Owner(s): none


In the (para-)medical educational programmes, students must test their general (medical) professional knowledge every year. While some new context is added each year, studying the same books and articles each year can become demotivating.  

To provide a more realistic view of daily practice in the professional field, we propose case-based learning which involves diagnosing a patient with specific complaints. This approach increases the applicability of the knowledge in context and provides a dynamic solution that has the potential to increase student motivation. Furthermore, offering case-based testing at the level of the individual student ensures improved knowledge retention and integrated testing. We expect to keep conceptual subject matter active for the knowledge test from year one to year four. 

To encourage students to acquire and maintain ready-to-use knowledge, we are developing a solution that offers accessible and engaging learning material in the form of an app. We believe in making this material more accessible (for example in an app) and more attractive (with gamification elements), with case-based exercises, so that this can be repeated annually. Furthermore, it is critical that the solution tracks the student’s progress. To obtain more difficult cases per academic year, the solution must also be adapted to the student’s level. There is a proof of concept through a completed internal project building an app. By providing this solution, we aim to promote continuous professional development and ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their field. 

The challenge

Develop a solution that tests and stimulates students in a motivating way in acquiring, retaining and expanding their general professional knowledge and provides insight into the progress during their study career.


Specific criteria for the solution, but not for the Vendor: 

  • A wish for the addition of more gamification within education  
  • Preferably, it is separate from the current digital landscape 
  • Can be used for various types of (para)medical training such as dental prosthetics, nursing and skin therapy.  
  • The training programmes can add additional cases 
  • Responsibility for technical management lies with the supplier 
  • The solution must be applicable in Dutch 


Do you have a possible solution for this challenge? Great! You can apply here. Fill in your email address to get full access to the documents and the application page. Applications will be accepted from April 4th until May 24th 2023.