Tailor-made study choices for every student

Primary Challenge Owner: Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Secondary Challenge Owner(s): none


We would like to help aspiring students better with the process of choosing their course of study because this is a complex process for many prospective students. As a result, they either do not take steps or they postpone making choices, missing important moments in this selection process such as taster days or open days. Furthermore, some prospective students do have a clearer idea of what study they want to apply to, but are looking for confirmation – for example, whether the study (either socially or in terms of level) is a good fit for them. Our goal for the tool is twofold: we want to make the study selection process of the prospective student easier and more fun, and we want to increase the chance that the prospective student makes the right study choice, so that he/she feels they are in the right place and there is less (study) dropout.

We would like to provide prospective students selecting their study with a tool that guides them over time towards a fitting study choice and puts him/her in charge of making the decision about his/her choice of study choice process. Think of it as an online study advisor. This tool takes into account the steps the prospective student has already taken, along with prior education, interests, motivation, vision of the future, skills, competences and talents, for example. The tool provides insights in what you already know about yourself and helps increase your self-knowledge by means of tests and questions, so that you can make a better choice.

The challenge:

Develop a digital study selection tool that provides tailored guidance to prospective students on in making the right choice for a fitting study programme by helping them get to know themselves better.


  • The tool is more than a regular study selection tool that reasons from the standpoint of subjects/disciplines; the students and their interests and talents are paramount.
  • The tool makes as much use as possible of the information already present within the University of applied sciences about the available study disciplines.
  • For now, the focus is on prospective students. In the future, we would also like to use the tool to guide students in making choices during their study career.


Do you have a possible solution for this challenge? Great! You can apply here. Fill in your email address to get full access to the documents and the application page. Applications will be accepted from April 4th until May 24th 2023.