Autonomous Transport Energy


The Northern Netherlands is currently the only region in Europe testing and researching applications of autonomous transportation in connecting the city with the surrounding countryside, to see if they can improve quality of life and accessibility. And worldwide, pilots with self driving vehicles are growing exponentially.

That means our streetscape is going to change drastically in the near future. Self driving cars, busses and delivery drones will become the standard, but that won’t happen all at once. We’ve been letting current road users getting used to these new circumstances these past three years. We also want to understand and help people deal with self driving vehicles in traffic, such as the communication between autonomous vehicles and other road users (motorized, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.) This is especially important during the transitional phase.

The case/challenge for startups

Help us ease the integration of autonomous transport by developing interaction/communication methods between self driving vehicles and current/regular road users.


– The application will be developed and tested in the Northern Netherlands, but can be deployed worldwide.
– The startup has to have a feel for the city and especially the surrounding countryside.
– The startup isn’t afraid to think outside the box, but the application is realistic and feasible.
– The application will initially be used for the road, but can be used for other modalities later on.

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