Exercise and sports in the public space

Campus Groningen, the Healthy Ageing Campus and the Zernike Campus, are the places to be for companies and institutions passionate about working closely together to make a real impact. Campus Groningen is rapidly developing, where companies and knowledge institutions meet, work and study and look for new opportunities to collaborate. Sports are also a big part of that, which mostly takes place at the designated sports fields. Exercising or playing sports in public spaces is the current trend, which is of course fun, easy to do, and a healthy, low key way to stay in shape. It also adds to the liveliness of the campus and there are plenty of spaces currently unused that would be ideal locations.
We’re looking to challenge startups to find innovative ways to strengthen the community feel and promote more social encounters between students, companies, both universities and the UMCG on campus, as well as make it fun and casual for people to join the various sporting activities. This would be in line with the Healthy Ageing aspect, which is one of the focal points of the knowledge institutions located on campus, but not yet visible enough in public spaces.

– Fun, accessible and low key
– In collaboration with stakeholders (occupants, visitors, companies and academic institutions)
– Innovative (link ICT/E-health/data)
– Applicable for both campus locations

Link overview map and construction plans Zernike Campus:

Issued by: Campus Groningen

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