Sustainable Campus

The Campus Groningen is constantly evolving. Students, entrepreneurs and researchers are all part of the innovation engine of the Northern Netherlands, in two different locations; the Healthy Ageing Campus (on the UMCG grounds) and the Zernike Campus.
Campus Groningen focuses on three main themes: Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Society and Energy. Because the Campus not only wants to make a difference in research, but also in daily practice, the campus grounds are a constant breeding ground for different (construction) projects. All the ingredients to create more sustainable and green campus grounds are already here: Energy Academy Europe, Green Metrics (RUG), Green Quest (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Entrance testing grounds, etc.

With the current trend towards a circular, biobased economy and all the subsequent possibilities, the campus is looking for sustainable ways to create greener campus grounds, without losing sight of the aesthetics, and also in some way connects with the entrepreneurs, students and researchers working there.

– In collaboration with stakeholders (occupants, visitors, companies and academic institutions)
– Corresponding with the current appearance, vision and plans of the Campus.
– A sustainable/circular, visible solution

Link overview map and construction plans Zernike Campus:

Issued by: Campus Groningen

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