Circular Waste Management Duurzaamheid


Groningen aims to become a waste free city by 2025. This means we need to separate waste as best as we can and recycle and reprocess it into high quality resources. We do this by collecting different waste stream separately, with further sorting in a separation factory. Groningen currently has a waste separation percentage of 59%, which we want to improve by increasing awareness with residents and offering better collection services.

As of yet, we don’t have useful applications for all residual waste streams. Part of that is bulky waste, which is transported to collection stations and can be used to create new resources. To kickstart the circular economy, the City of Groningen wants to make these waste management streams available to experiment with and possibly create new business models.

The case/ the challenge for startups

Develop a product for one or multiple residual waste streams, that currently have little to no circular purpose.


  • Residual stream currently being underused are: a mix of wood waste, light construction and demolition waste (slats, plating, ceilings, isolation material), roof leather, mix of hard plastics, mattresses and EPS (polystyrene).
  • The (future) product needs to add value and bring about a solid business case.
  • Preferably a product that adds value to the City of Groningen. The City could act as launching customer, for example when the product can be used for public space, municipal services or offices.

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