Improve sports participation for youth

Sports and exercise serve an important role in our society. Which makes sense. Sports are fun and contribute to social encounters, integration and healthy ageing. The foundation of healthy ageing is based on a healthy upbringing and youth sports participation. Sport050 is the sports counter of the City of Groningen and promotes healthy exercise for residents. One of the focal points is improving participation in general, but particularly for young people.

Social media and modern technology play an important part in the “modern child’s” daily life, which also means that, in order for kids to stay in shape, a different approach is necessary. We’re looking for an innovative solution to raise the percentage of kids playing sports by making sports more attractive, by making it a part of their digital lives. Examples could be sensor driven sports in swimming pools or ice skating rinks, linking to smartphones, interactive activities and gaming.

– Familiarity with the sports sector in terms of culture, interests, agreements.
– Applying modern technology: promoting exercise because of and with technology

Issued by: Directie Sport050, Meerjarenprogramma Sport

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