Optimizing the use of sports facilities

The City of Groningen aims to promote regular exercise and having fun playing sports for its residents. Accessibility and affordability of sports facilities and accommodations are of course important conditions for this.

New trends and societal changes require a new and fresh way of looking at how we can better utilize those facilities and accommodations. We’re noticing a rise in new and different ways of exercising and playing sports, and we’re dealing with a change in demands and needs, as well as change in demographics.

Using the City’s available sports facilities and accommodations in an optimal way, is quite a challenge for Sport050. Facilities are very intensively used (sometimes overused and too crowded) during peak hours, and unused and empty during other hours of the day. We’re incentivizing clubs to avoid peak hours, as well as promoting more collaboration and coordination between clubs. However, as an organization, we’re constantly looking for new and creative ways to optimize the use of sports facilities.

Familiarity with the sports sector in terms of culture, interests, agreements.
Efficient use of sports facilities and accommodations are paramount.

Issued by: Directie Sport050, Meerjarenprogramma Sport

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