Reduce Waste

The City of Groningen, together with its inhabitants, aims to sort waste even better, process it more responsibly, and recycle the internal waste flows as efficiently as possible. The City of Groningen is known for being a frontrunner in the field of waste. In 2017, inhabitants of Groningen recycled 56% of their domestic waste. Between 2016 and 2020, we focus on producing as little waste as possible as well as recycling as much as possible. Reducing residual waste starts with preventing its production.

Additionally the City of Groningen wants to be leading when dealing with reducing and preventing waste flows in its own office buildings. Dealing with raw materials more economically, consume more consciously, and wasting less are of central importance here.

– The solution should be applicable to the City of Groningen’s office buildings (core real estate)
The General and technical services and Accommodation department of the City of Groningen strives to be a circular department, where sustainable materials (products with a long lifespan) as well as saving and recycling materials are of central importance. The department aims to reduce waste flows in the offices of the City of Groningen. The City of Groningen’s City Management department collects most of the waste produced in the City’s office buildings and transports it to its processing companies.

Issued by: Facilitaire services en Huisvesting (FSH) /Shared Service Center (SSC) & Stadsbeheer

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