Renewable Energy

The Groningse Energie Service Compagnie (Gresco) focuses on making around 250 city government buildings energy neutral. This is also in accordance with the Groningen City ambition to be energy neutral in 2035. Gresco is responsible for the integral energy management of municipal government real estate. Gresco is experimenting with sustainable innovations to find renewable solution. Energy from water is one such solution.
Thermal energy generated from water could be an alternative for heating and cooling buildings with surface water. Storing heat or cold from water is also possible. One possibility is making the buildings near water and canals sustainable, like the Oosterpoort, City Theatre or the Groninger Museum. We want to research how we can generate power out of water in an urban environment.

– Technical knowledge of installations in urban areas
– Scalable and applicable for several buildings
– Achievable within 2 years (positive business case)

Issued by: Vastgoed/Gresco

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