Smoke-free city

Early 2017, the City of Groningen joined several partners like the UMCG, the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Addiction Care North Netherlands, in the Alliance Smoke-free Netherlands. The following summer, it was publicly announced in various media that Groningen will be the first smoking-free city and now that more organizations have joined, this goal is getting closer. Currently 27 different organizations have joined and a lot of schoolyards, sports clubs, playgrounds etc. are already smoke-free, which of course we full heartedly support.

There is a downside however: smokers are looking for other places to light up their cigarettes, mostly in the neighbourhoods surrounding smoking-free zones. Residents now see people smoking in their street and can smell it in the porticoes of their homes. The City of Groningen does not want to enforce smoking bans in residential areas. For residents experiencing nuisances, another solution is needed.

– Dutch speaking, because of the contact with residents
– The solution is not to enforce in residential areas or give out fines
– The solution has to fit with the positive message of the Alliance Netherlands Smoke-free: we’re doing this together for the coming generations.

Issued by: Healthy Ageing, Concernstaf, gemeente Groningen

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