Sustainable sports parks and accomodations

The City of Groningen is constantly looking for ways to enhance sustainability across all sectors and policies, sports being one of those. There are plenty of ways to reduce the energy consumption or generate renewable energy for sports parks, hall and gyms. The City Government is responsible for managing and utilizing those sports accommodations, like the Kardinge Sports Centre and the Helper Swimming Pool. Both locations consume a lot of energy and, aside from getting in the way of the City’s environmental goals, are also a hefty expense on the City’s budget. In recent years, various sustainability initiatives have been set up, such as replacing field lights with energy efficient LED lights. But there is far more the City can do in terms of sustainability, for example:
Reducing the energy consumption of the Kardinge ice skating rink. The rink opens in September, when temperatures of 25 degrees celsius are not uncommon, and the ice requiring a temperature of -8 degrees. This is no longer environmentally acceptable.
Improving the energy efficiency of swimming pools. Reducing the amount of water needed for recirculation and filtration, which currently unnecessarily ends up in sewage systems.

– Familiarity with the sports sector in terms of culture, interests, agreements.

Issued by: Directie Sport050, Meerjarenprogramma Sport

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