Urban Logistics

The city centre of Groningen will see a lot of positive developments in the coming years; more space for pedestrians and cyclists, an even more charming look and better accessibility. It’s also getting more crowded, which means we’ll have o find smarter ways to use the available space. This also concerns the logistics and transportation sector, because loading and unloading will be more difficult in a crowded inner city. Together with transportation and shipping companies, we’re working on a new way to tackle urban logistics. The goal is to supply the inner city completely free of emissions by 2025 (electric, hydrogen, bicycle). We’re working together on innovative solutions focusing on organization, technology, regulations and behavior. Starting with incentivizing the use of zero emission vehicles , but working towards Smart Logistics. How can we combine, set up and use logistical hubs, new transportation methods and alternative fuels in innovative ways?

– Solutions have to take the Green Deal ZES into account: zero emission city distribution by 2025
– Solutions taking into account the use of logistical hubs are very welcome
– Proof of efficacy and concept for solutions
– International teams (English language) are welcome
– Collaboration with various stakeholders, including the City, is a must

Issued by: Afdeling Stadsontwerp

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