Vibrant City

Groningen is a vibrant and lively city with a wide and varied range of public events. Some of the parks are used as locations for those events. Despite the fact that we supply terms and conditions to event organizers to protect and maintain public parks, on many occasions we can’t prevent events causing damages to the trees and lawns. We notice that:
– Soil compaction leads to (irreparable) damages to trees and lawns.
– Damages to a tree trunk lead to a reduction in vitality, making the tree susceptible to diseases and plagues.
– Closing off the grass leads to barren/dead lawns, usually taking weeks for the lawn to recover enough to be used again.

We also notice increased pressure on usage, especially in the Noorderplantsoen on sunny days. Use of the park by a large number of visitors at once can lead to damages to the flora.

– Dutch is preferably the main language
– Has to contribute to decreasing maintenance and repair costs

Issued by: Stadsbeheer/Afdeling Stadsprogramma

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