Waste Away

The City of Groningen, just like its inhabitants, aims to sort waste even better, process it more responsibly, and recycle the internal waste flows of its government buildings as efficiently as possible. What is waste to one, can be used to make new products by another. The transition to a circular economy is of major importance to the City of Groningen. We no longer want to consider waste a burden, but see it as raw material for new products instead. In this way, we create new value.

More than half of all the waste in the city already is being recycled. This is in compliance with the target we set in 2011 and it puts Groningen in a leading position among big cities in the Netherlands. Our next target is to be a wasteless city in 2025. Furthermore, we want Groningen to be carbon neutral in 2035. To achieve this, we for example deploy sustainable sources of energy. When setting our targets with regard to reducing CO2 emissions, waste plays a prominent part. Recycling paper and cardboard, biodegradable waste, and textiles provides a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions compared to burning residual waste. We challenge startups to present innovative solutions for dealing with waste in our city.

– A concrete way to deal with our waste flows smarter and more efficiently.

Issued by: Stadsbeheer en Facilitaire services en Huisvesting (FSH) & SSC (Shared Service Center)

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