Greener city centre Climate Proof City


In the coming years, the city center will be extensively renovated. The construction of the Forum is nearly complete and the Nieuwe Markt is being built. The city center will be free of busses, which allows for more space for cyclists and pedestrians, but also for more green, such as trees. A greener inner city will contribute to climate adaptation (cooling) and overall quality of life. However, cabling and pipage below the surface of the city center is a big obstacle for planting trees and give roots room to grow (a solid planthole is around 40m3). The costs of recabling and moving pipes are high, and as a result, a lot of initiatives suffer from delays.

The case/challenge for startups

Develop (affordable) solutions for a greener city center, taking into account the heavy cabling and pipage of the inner city.


– Dutch is the preferred language.
– The solution takes into account the events and market days held at the Grote Markt.

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