Talent Needed!

The Northern Netherlands has the largest energy junction in Europe and its chemistry cluster produces 15% of the basic chemicals in the Netherlands. Based on a 2014 agreement, there has been a collaborative effort and ambition to increase jobs, solidify the economy and to innovate in more sustainable ways in the Northern Netherlands. These plans have worked out well, creating 500 jobs in the short term, the majority of which are vocational level (MBO) technical jobs.

The problem:
How can we convince more technical/ICT talent to work in our ports? Is it possible to come up with a creative business model for this, so that you build a company around this?

– Recruitment, the business model could be based on regular recruiting models, but the challenge is to develop something creative, nationally and internationally applicable.
– Aside from recruitment, also services for potential employees to find housing and to make them feel at home in the region.
– Company profiling
– Profiling the Groningen region
– A modern way of training
There is an existing idea for a digital campus, meaning training people without the need of a 4 year education. People will be trained in bootcamps (for example electrician or welder), using VR/AR/Simulations. Preferably in consultation with knowledge institutions, so that there is a degree of certification.

Issued by: Groningen Seaports/Sales

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