Heat, Drought and Liveability Climate Proof City


We have to deal with increasingly dry and hot summers. As a result, urban areas with lots of concrete or bricks and little shade (known as heat islands) become unpleasant and even dangerous. Heat also tends to linger in these places, because they’re often sheltered from cooling winds. For vulnerable groups like infants or seniors, these places can be dangerous, as the heat can lead to respiratory problems, heat stroke, nausea and even death. Other adversary effects are reduced productivity and an increase in aggression. The heat and drought also lead to an increase in damage to greens and flora. Species of grass, trees and bushels can become irreparably damaged and extensive watering can put a serious strain on the city’s water supply.

The case/challenge for startups

Develop a solution to deal with climate change induced heat and drought in the existing urban environment.


We’re looking for climate adaptive technological and economical measures that contribute to:
– reducing heat stress
– improving biodiversity
– less impact on drinking water supply
– reduction in drought

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