Offshore wind


Eemshaven/Groningen Seaports is the number 1 offshore wind port in the Netherlands. It has developed itself into a sizable base and service port for the offshore wind sector, especially for the wind farms in the German part of the North Sea (a total of 316 turbines) . It’s because of its advantageous geographical location, as well as the necessary facilities for assembly and transport of turbines, that Groningen Seaports has this strong position and is expected to keep on growing in the coming years.

The O&M (operation and maintenance) coming out of Groningen Seaports requires a lot of manpower and dedication, and with a fast growing sector, demand will only increase. We’re constantly looking for ways to make this process more efficient, so we can continue to keep up with market demand.

The case/ the challenge for start-ups

Find and develop new solution to make operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms more efficient and cost effective.


Affinity with the offshore wind industry.

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