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There are a lot of new developments happening at the Zernike Campus. Both locations are constantly evolving to develop the best environment possible for its community, leading to various new construction projects. The access roads to Campus Groningen are also under construction, sometimes causing a nuisance.

In regards to parking, the construction and temporary housing of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, causes a decrease of around 100 parking spaces in the P3 area. The decrease in parking spaces and the change in users (the University of Groningen will take back another 150 spaces because of the construction of the Feringa Building after the summer), will lead to a shortage of 250 parking spaces.

This problem can be physically solved using a P&R location where there is enough space. The total campus occupancy is 85% (P&R Reitdiep excluded, 78% when it’s included). If the parking lot De Deimten is sold as a property, this will lead to a shortage of 230 parking spaces. Companies located at the campus are also experiencing a shortage and try to solve this by using barriers or gates. The added renovation of the southern ring road will also to changes in traffic flow and car use. To keep the campus grounds accessible, a shared and common solution is needed.

Growth and renovation puts increased pressure on accessibility, which is why creative, out of the box and innovative solutions are important. Solid, hospitable traffic routing will contribute to this. A good way to regulate car use and close by parking spaces for campus visitors is what’s currently missing.

– Innovative and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-related)
– Usable for everyone

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