Study and work space


The Hanze University of Applied Sciences wants to make more effective and efficient use of the available spaces in its buildings. On the one hand to prevent investments in real estate, on the other to facilitate new forms of education and make educational innovation possible. An example would be the transition to digital education (online learning, collaboration and digital exams), studying in the innovation workspaces where research, education and workfield are combined, as well as personalized and differential learning. Students need both quiet spaces to study and spaces to collaborate on projects. We want to share information about available quiet and study spaces in real time.

The case/ the challenge for startups

Help students and teachers find the most fitting study/work spaces at any given moment.


– The solution needs to complement existing products and is compatible with or replaces the systems the Hanze uses, or makes them redundant.
– The solution needs to be usable for all students of the Hanze UAS.
– The solution needs to be scalable, for example for visitors or students of the University of Groningen or the Noorderpoort Regional Education Center.

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