Temporary Housing


The City is responsible for caring for its vulnerable residents in need of help. The extent of that support differs, however. For some people, Shelter Services, like night shelters or emergency shelters, are the only alternative to being homeless. But if their problems are not severe or just temporary, these housing facilities are not really a fitting place. It would be great to be able to find fitting temporary housing at an early stage, for those residents in need of immediate help, who are able to take charge of their own lives.

The case/ the challenge for startups:

Help the City and other municipalities offer low-threshold, simple and quick temporary or short stay housing for residents in need of immediate help, giving them a (brief) period to find lasting and sustainable solutions.


  • The start-up speaks Dutch
  • The solution can be used on a provincial scale
  • Not (health)care related
  • Social skills to create a tailored link between supply and demand
  • Preferably using (excess) available space of residents

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